About us

Gemstone, genuine leather and Paracord bracelets and more.

All our bracelets are handmade.
Our bracelets are not made in large numbers, making each bracelet one piece or a few pieces. No
mass production.
Bracelets for young and old. Play with color combinations and stack these bracelets together. Make a
combination with gemstone, leather and paracord bracelets for a tough look.
Use softer colors for a sweet and soft look.
Our bracelets are available in several sizes if your size is not listed please contact us. We make a
suitable bracelet for everyone.

Doubt about the size?
Measure your wrist circumference around the lump on your wrist.
Add 1.5 cm for a tighter fitting bracelet.
Add 2 cm for a normal sitting bracelet
Add 3 cm for a somewhat larger bracelet
If there are any questions, please contact us and we will gladly help you further.

A birthday, anniversary or a present instead of a fruit basket or flowers?
If your purchase is a gift, we can also send the purchase directly to the recipient.
If you wish, we package the bracelet as a gift and if you wish, we also add a message.
Let us know when placing the order.

We ship worldwide.

If you are interested in wholesale or retail, please contact us.

Contact :
For questions and / or comments mail us:
We try to answer within 12 hours.